Technical Competence

Earth Work


  • 12,50,000 cum earthwork involved 1 single project undertaken.
  • 1,50,000 cum excavation done in a month on single project.
  • Nearly 6,00,000 cum Rock required blasting is executed in one single project.
  • 9,50,000 cum earth work in embankment involved in NH-7 projects.
  • 5,40,000 cum earth work in embankment in single work in NH-7 project.
  • Higher rate of production
  • Elimination of large unskilled manpower.
Form Work
  • 40,000 sqm formwork involved in a single project undertaken
  • 5,000 sqm formwork done in a month at a single project
  • Formwork System:
    Use of modern centering materials i.e.Acrow type H-Frames, Spans, Wall forms and crib columns, etc.
  • Established own fabrication units to fabricate various types of shutter plates like PSC ā€˜Iā€™ girder, Box girder, Pier, Pier Caps and various types of Staging Materials etc.
  • Prevention of leakage of slurry.
  • Avoid bulging of RCC Members.
  • Easy to achieve accurate lines & levels.
  • Provides safe working conditions.
  • Ensures good finishing of structural elements.
  • 15,000 cum concreting involved in a single project undertaken.
  • 3,000 cum concreting done in a month on a single project.
Road Items
  • 25,975 M3 GSB involved in NH-7 projects.
  • 21,360 M3 WMM involved in NH-7 project.
  • 814 3M3 DGM involved in NH-7 project.
  • 338 4M3 BC involved in NH-7 projects.


  • Consistent quality of concrete during production, transportation & placement.
  • Higher rate of production & placement of concrete
  • Efficient placement of concrete at height & difficult locations Minimum involvement of manpower.

Precast / Prestressed Concrete Work
  • Casting & Stressing of Precast in situ Post tensioned P.S.C.Box Girder of 52 mt for IRCON in NH-7 near Madurai.
  • Casting & Stressing of Precast in situ Post tensioned P.S.C.Box Girder of 42 mt long and 12 mts. wide (6 Nos. in 6 months).
  • Casting&erection of 16 to 38 m long P.S.C. Beams weighing about 35 to 100 mt.
  • Casting & erection of 1 m x 2.5 m RCC fascia panels weighing about 1 mt.
  • In-house capabilities in mould design, transportation & erection of precast elements and also having own stressing jocks and grouting pumps.
  • Handling of precast elements using mobile gantry, cranes, derricks & winches.

Launching of PSC I Girders
  • Launchig of PSC I Griders of length 36.5 meters and weight 110 MT by using of high capacity cranes.
  • Launching of PSC I Griders of length 30.5 meters and weight 65 MT by temparary launching grider and trolly method

Piling Works For Foundations

  • Boring and casting of 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm dia cast situ piles of depth about 11 to 36 meters.
  • 8000 meters piling works involved in single project undertaken.
  • 2,000 meters piling done in a month on a single project.
  • Boring and Casting of 1000-MM dia cast in situ and boring piles of depth 14 to 28mts. For NHAI flyover on NH-4.
  • Boring and Casting of 1200-mm dia cast in situ piles of depth 15 to 20mts. For NHAI works at Madurai on NH-7
  • Boring and Casting of 1000-mm dia cast in situ piles of depth 30 to 36mts. For S.C. Railway at Vijayawada

Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls for Bridge Approaches
  • Casting and erection of 5000 Sq. pre caste fasia panels involved in a single project undertaken for MSRDC at Chandrapur City.
  • Casting and erection of 14000 Squm Pre cast fasia panels involved in a Single project undertaken for NHAI.
  • Erection & Alingment of 21000 sqm Precast fasia panels involved in two projects under taken for NHAI.
  • Maximum or 14 meters height wall was errected in a project for NHAI.
  • Projects Completed with Geogrid rein fourced soil walls and also with G.I. steel strip reinforced walls.

Project Management
  • Fully empowered project Offices to manage projects in respective regions.
  • Macro & Micro planning & monitoring for each project undertaken.
  • Preparation of detailed construction methodology for the project.
  • Assessment of Manpower, Materials & Machinery based on construction methodology.
  • Empowered project co-ordinator at head office for successful implementation of the project.
  • Effective Co-ordination at sites through regular meetings, discussions & followup actions.